Building A Unique And Successful Brand In A Crowded Market: Madison Reed by Amy Errett (MDE282)

Amy Errett is an unique businesswoman who has worked in big business, led a VC, operated on many boards and has also started multiple entrepreneurial outfits. Her latest is Madison Reed, launched it in 2014, manufacturing and selling hair products … Continue reading

Disingenuous Authentic Leadership – I Am Who I Am, But Not At Work

A CEO of a burgeoning startup said to me recently: “I definitely think it’s not a good idea to mix personal and professional.” This particular thread of conversation all began because he said that he was running flat out and … Continue reading

When Personal Meets Professional

Over lunch with my good friend, Jeremy, we discussed the need for a “two-pronged life.” We riffed on how often we need to find a balance between two sides, two hemispheres, two components, two functions, such as the rational and emotional. … Continue reading

In good do we trust? What do we trust?

A recent study on Trust by GFK paints a rather gloomy picture for business executives and marketers. Whether it is the retailer, business executive (entrepreneur), advertising specialists (a proxy for marketers), market research team or celebrity spokesperson, people around the … Continue reading

BYOD – 3 reasons why management needs to get with the program

In the ongoing evolution at the workplace, nothing makes the challenge of digital transformation more urgent and tangible than the question of access to the internet and the use of personal devices, characterized by the term BYOD (bring your own … Continue reading

Bash your Boss on faceBook and you may Bank your way to the Breadline

Over the last couple of weeks, something that has caught my attention is that Facebook has been at the heart of two firings on either side of the Atlantic, one in Connecticut, USA, and one in Boulogne-Billancourt, France.  In the … Continue reading

Yours Personally Professionally

Facebook’s sweeping success is, in very large part, because it is a hybrid social media, brokering the gap of personal and professional.  The rules of the social media game privilege ‘personal’ communications; and companies that manage to insert personal-ity into … Continue reading

Brands Getting Personal

“Branding gets personal” is the tagline behind The Myndset.  A few people have asked why do I use this tagline? I would like to use this post to discuss, at least partially, why it is so important for me. Being … Continue reading Continue reading