The Battle Of The Beauty Portal

In the beauty business – just as in any FMCG sector, be it food, fashion, household care or appliances – there is a handful of multinational conglomerates that each own a whole corpus of brands, most of which compete with one another. To the extent a conglomerate owns … Continue reading

Bob Gilbreath – co-founder of Ahalogy, marketing platform for Pinterest

Minter Dialogue Episode #108 This interview is with Bob Gilbreath, author of the book, The Next Evolution of Marketing: Connect with your Customers by Marketing with Meaning. Bob is also co-founder and president of Ahalogy, a new Pinterest-focused marketing platform … Continue reading

Sex, Social and Soap – A new episode for P&G

For all you guys out there, you should take a look at the new ManoftheHouse site, launched by Procter & Gamble (P&G) mid-2010.  It is a novel initiative, clearly intending to take Procter into a new direction with a new … Continue reading Continue reading

Emotion In A Bottle? Washing Away The Blues!

I bookmarked this article (kindly forwarded to me by Jóhann) from the Wall Street Journal, entitled “Wash Away Bad Hair Days.”  The article is about P&G’s efforts to recapture consumers who, over the most recent hard times, have cut back … Continue reading Continue reading