4 reasons why marketing gets personalized, branding gets personal

If there is one trend that seems to stand out above the rest this year, it is the real opportunity, if not the urgent need, to personalize marketing efforts. There are four incredibly potent reasons for this: It’s what your Customer … Continue reading

Transparency. Whose line is it anyway?

We live in an increasingly transparent world, like it or not. In the wake of the SONY hack attack, I have been ruminating about the request by the company for the media NOT to broadcast the private (and embarrassing) emails. … Continue reading

Why transparency is a deeply strategic issue for all, including as individuals and for brands

Having just attended the Freedom & Solidarity Forum, celebrating the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings, one of the recurring themes of the day was transparency. In today’s connected world, the notion of transparency is being discussed — if not called … Continue reading

Meet Cliff Fluet – a digitally savvy lawyer talking music and entertainment (MDE100)

Minter Dialogue Episode #100 This interview — to celebrate my 100th English-speaking podcast — is with Cliff Fluet, director at Eleven Advisory (advising on how to tackle digital disruption) and partner at Lewis Silkin law firm, specialized in media and entertainment law. … Continue reading

John Matherly, Shodan Founder and CEO – search engine for the internet of things #Netexplo

Minter Dialogue Episode #97 This interview is with John Matherly, founder and CEO of Shodan, one of the top 10 laureates at Netexplo 2014. Shodan is a search engine for the Internet of Things (IoT). John is at the cutting … Continue reading

Polarizing Issues – Is your mind leading you down the wrong path?

The personal mindset sets the tone It should be no surprise, but the way we view life personally is important in business. I believe, however, that we are now entering a phase where the boundary between personal and professional is … Continue reading

Top trends for marketing in 2014

The beginning of the year is time to take stock of new initiatives and directions. I started with a post on the 3 key words for 2014.  While there is nothing flagrantly new in the items I am promoting as … Continue reading

Finger, Face and Phone… Privacy is going viral?

In the wake of the NSA/Prism revelations, it begins to become too big to ignore: everything is being or will be monitored.  Privacy is becoming a central issue of the internet and, by extension, should be a central concern for … Continue reading

Text Message (SMS) – Why it’s a marketing paradise (and my nightmare)

When looking at the ever evolving improvements made to the Gmail interface (my primary email client), I shudder when I think about the unprotected SMS inbox.  As a consumer, we are basically defenceless.  As such, the text message could become … Continue reading

The digital marketing mindset: the DM brief and why digital marketing will get more expensive

The right digital marketing mindset is an elusive concept in a world of short-term results.  As companies continue to pour resources into their digital marketing efforts, the pressure is heightening on marketers and agencies to perform.  Briefs — even if … Continue reading