Max Mason – Entrepreneur, Big Bang restaurateur and digital pioneer in the restaurant business (MDE76)

Minter Dialogue #76 This interview, recorded on October 1, 2013, is with Max Mason, founder and owner of Big Bang Restaurants, based in Oxford, England. Max is not my normal type of guest on this show, in that he is … Continue reading

Quebec paves way in managing delinquency

Le Monde published an article in October (6th), entitled, ” Le Quebec en exemple,” in which it wrote about the Quebec [role] model for handling criminality. The article, subtitled “the challenge of prevention,” focuses on their efforts with regard to … Continue reading

Norway – Greening of the prison

Following my last post, (How Green Are You?), on the topic of being green, going to have to give a plug for our Norwegian friends, whose government have decided to render Bastoey, one of its low security prisons, “ecologically friendly.” … Continue reading