SXSW 2016 – What You Missed From This Interactive – Film – Music Festival

If South By Southwest (SXSW) is an immersive experience that lasts 10 days, it can be very hard to come away with a concrete takeaway. You leave with your head literally spinning and a pocketful of business cards. Leading the … Continue reading

How to look again at role models and best practice sharing

Do you get it? In these changing times and an evident sense of disorientation, we are quick to latch on to success stories.  There is a certain urgency to get “it” as if there were a magic wand, single solution. … Continue reading

What can brands learn from the 2012 US Presidential Elections – Obama, Romney or USA?

In search of sense (not cents) After living through the most expensive Presidential campaign in the history of the world (not just the US), one has to scratch one’s head about the state of the democratic process. A whopping $1.057 … Continue reading

America: new market research needed!

Too tight to call? According to all the pre-Election media hype and poll results, the presidential elections in the US were “too tight to call” right up until the last minute. Yet, the final score in terms of electoral votes was … Continue reading