Password change or software version update: Two digital evils

Digital Passwords – Social Media Nightmare If you are in the world of digital marketing, you are probably signed up to a rather large number of social media networks and services.  Then, keeping your various online passwords known, sorted and … Continue reading

Digital Marketing Insights for Brands from political parties

To be personal, standard bearer and/or institutional in digital media? If you are interested in digital marketing, it is hard not to take interest in what has been happening in the political spheres around the world online. Politicians and political … Continue reading

Social Media Marketing Challenge : How to pick the right Twitter username?

Your username is part of your digital eReputation Now that there are more than 300 million Twitter accounts that have been created, the options for an appropriate 15-character username — also known as a Twitter handle — are quickly being … Continue reading

Social Media and Politics: A roadmap for the 2012 elections and brands

2012: The year of seismic elections Next year is the year of presidential elections in a vast array of countries, with particularly high profile elections in US, France, Russia, India, Turkey and China. Moreover, arguably as important from a geo-political … Continue reading

Women and men on the internet and social media across 6 countries

Gender & cultural differences abound After having attended the International Women’s Forum 2011 in Deauville, where I spoke about Muscling up one’s eReputation with the dynamic Caroline Ghosn (Slideshare presentation available here), I was happy to hear about a released … Continue reading

Buy, buy, buy? Or is it bye-bye? 5 keys to improving digital marketing efforts

The digital marketing gold rush There is a certain inevitability to what is going on in the internet and digital marketing world. Companies have cottoned on and the rush to “do” social media is leading inexorably to higher pricing at … Continue reading

Advertising: great messages that make great brands

Marketer’s delight: Ads that surprise While watching television (the film Hurt Locker and #RWC11) this weekend on my trip to Liverpool (UK), I was delighted by two sets of ads.  Not very often that happens, so I thought I would share … Continue reading

Boosting Your eReputation – A Personal Affair

Why should you build an online presence?Because the risk of not having a strong and consistent identity is growing every day. The risks are multiple and concern pretty much everyone.  Especially for the younger generations, but increasingly a reflex for … Continue reading