How To Cut Through The Noise with Great Content Marketing with Jason Miller (MDE244)

Minter Dialogue with Jason Miller (MDE244)Jason Miller is Global Content Marketing leader at LinkedIn, a heady position. He’s also a RocknRoll photographer, author (best-selling Welcome To The Funnel), podcaster and all around top influencer. In this podcast, Jason and I talk about … Continue reading

Maslow’s pyramid of needs… as expressed by this photographer in Syria

I listened yesterday to a Western photographer, whose name has been kept secret out of concern for his safety and who has been working in the government-controlled part of Deir ez-Zor, Syria, give an interview on the BBC. In the … Continue reading

Instagram: mobile, social and rich (media). Why the Facebook deal makes sense.

The number of eyebrows raised by the $1 billion price tag paid by Facebook for Instagram is perhaps as much a surprise as the price itself.   The common refrain is  ”What on earth are Facebook thinking, paying so much … Continue reading

Motorcycle Helmet Day: Visit to Hanoi Vietnam – Part 3

Visit to Hanoi Vietnam – Part 3 of a 3-part recount…Today is December 15th, an important day for motorcyclists in Vietnam: Based on a personal survey, I would say that, up until a week ago (when I left), less than … Continue reading

Visit to Hanoi Vietnam – Part 2

Hanoi is a thriving city, with approximately 5 million inhabitants said the two local guides (although the official statistics cite a much lower number). The architecture of the buildings is a mixture of French (windows, balconies), Chinese (inscriptions, colors) and … Continue reading