Why Spelling Mistakes And Grammar Errors (Are Different And) Both Count!

Considering most computers come with spell checkers, it seems hard to imagine how an important document can ever have spelling mistakes. Not that my blog — with over 1300 posts — or my books are without mistakes, but when you have a … Continue reading

Someone Shared A Dropbox File With You… Is It Dangerous?

Everyone’s inbox is stuffed with untold amounts of spammy, scammy and risky emails. As we all continue to struggle to keep up with the communications coming in from all angles, even the most digitally savvy are not immune. Under the … Continue reading

Sneaky spam: watch out for the Linkedin phish hook – from Mike Hartig

Here is an email that landed in my spam box (thank you Gmail) and yet still had me do a double take. I almost clicked on it, despite the fact that I was reading it in my spam box and … Continue reading