Thinking outside the box and the power of asymmetrical leadership and marketing with Andy Abramson (MDE241)

Minter Dialogue with Andy Abramson Andy Abramson is CEO and founder of Comunicano, Inc., a strategic communications agency. He is also co-founder of Velocity Growth Inc, a strategic development and social markets services company. Andy’s a contributing writer to MoneyInc … Continue reading

You can be a Fantoo – sports viewed by serious women fans

Women are sports fans… too! That’s the notion behind Fantoo, featuring a blog and downloadable podcast (mp3 via iTunes here). A far cry from the Italian women “sports journalists” that are sported on television programs (“il calcio“) in Italy, Fantoo … Continue reading

Philadelphia Eagles fly by the Vikings in Wildcard Playoff 2009

In the National Football League (that’s American Football), the Philadelphia Eagles [my preferred NFL team] made it into the 2009 playoffs with a wild card berth, thanks to a thrashing of the pre-season champion favourites Dallas Cowboys 44-6 in the … Continue reading

Philadelphia Phillies Fly into the World Series 2008

Not since 1993 have the Philadelphia Phillies made it the World Series (we’re talking US baseball here, folks). And not since 1980 have they won the overall championship. And, this week, the Phillies trounced the Los Angeles Dodgers to make … Continue reading

Politics & Sports : Philadelphia Flyers to have hockey mom Palin throw down first puck

I am a disgruntled Philadelphia Flyers fan this morning when I discovered that Ed Snider, the Flyers’ owner, has chosen to have GOP Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin drop the opening puck at the season opener. Granted she is a … Continue reading

Philadelphia Flyers defy Pittsburgh Penguins in Game 4 of Eastern Conference Finals 2008

Feeling penned in, Philadelphia Flies the Coop to live another day…winning Conference Final Game 4 by 4-2 The Philadelphia Flyers have had a great 2008 season when all is said and done and, regardless of the outcome of game 5 … Continue reading

Flyers bully Montreal out of Conference Playoffs 2008

Well, it’s time I fessed up. Our Philadelphia Flyers bullied the Montreal Canadiens 6-4 (read here Game Trax — in Montreal) in Game 5, enough to win a convincing Conference Semi-Final playoff by 4 games to 1. My prediction had … Continue reading

Liverpool v Chelsea & Flyers vs Capitals, now the Habs

As is frequently the case, in the big games, it is all about creating your ‘luck’. But in sports fan-dom (sitting in your canape or reading, etc), you win some and you lose fun (oops, I meant ‘some’). The … Continue reading

Philadephia Flyers’ Losing Streak Continues

Well, Philly fans, here we are in the midst of another stinging Philadelphia Flyers’ losing streak. The Philadelphia Flyers are now winless in a franchise-tying 10 games in a row, have lost the services of LW Simon Gagne (“A”) for … Continue reading