Twitter’s 10th Birthday – A Huge Missed Opportunity

Imagine this: your brand is given a unique opportunity to touch ALL of your customers. The press — one of your most fanatic users and stout defenders — is excited to talk about it. You have deep knowledge of many of the … Continue reading

Branding Gets Impersonal – Happy New Year Wishes by A.Person

It seems that the new year is as good a reason to send out an email to one’s database. It’s always interesting to see how and to what extent brands try to use such ”obvious” occasions to generate sales. Some brands are … Continue reading

8 Reasons Why The Apple Watch Will Grow On You … Over Time!

Perhaps I am a rather hard-headed geek, but I have now been wearing the Apple Watch for 6 months straight in lieu of my upscale ‘chic’ watch. There are naysayers aplenty. Sure, there are some quirks and nuisances. However, especially after … Continue reading

4 reasons why marketing gets personalized, branding gets personal

If there is one trend that seems to stand out above the rest this year, it is the real opportunity, if not the urgent need, to personalize marketing efforts. There are four incredibly potent reasons for this: It’s what your Customer … Continue reading

3 keys to effective copywriting – An error by Facebook and why copywriting is an important skill to hone

Effective copywriting is one of the most important skills in this googlized world, in which email remains one of the bastions of (digital) marketing. {Tweet this} Despite having written numerous manuscripts and short stories, blogging for eight years and keeping up a weekly newsletter … Continue reading

CRM – Stands for Can’t Remember Me?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is, broadly speaking, a term for systems designed to keep customers loyal.  Of course, CRM can also be used to create new customers.  But, the real gig in a successful CRM program is making sure that … Continue reading

Gravity interview via Robert Scoble – Interesting Networking!

Letting your interests interface with your network You might enjoy this interview from Robert Scoble of Amit Kapor, former COO of MySpace and now CEO of Gravity .  They have launched a free service, Twinterest — in a case of … Continue reading Continue reading

Apple’s inspiration reaches out… again

The never ending flow of examples of how Apple has impacted the world continues… Above is an outdoor ad in Paris by a travel site ( using multiple coloured suitcases, much like the Apple Shuffle, to mention one of the … Continue reading