Disingenuous Authentic Leadership – I Am Who I Am, But Not At Work

A CEO of a burgeoning startup said to me recently: “I definitely think it’s not a good idea to mix personal and professional.” This particular thread of conversation all began because he said that he was running flat out and … Continue reading

When Personal Meets Professional

Over lunch with my good friend, Jeremy, we discussed the need for a “two-pronged life.” We riffed on how often we need to find a balance between two sides, two hemispheres, two components, two functions, such as the rational and emotional. … Continue reading

The Personal Route To Digital Transformation 

Many senior executives describe themselves as “personally engaged” in digital transformation in their company. Some even go so far as to relate the process as being exciting and revolutionary. And yet, these same executives are also bemoaning that the digital … Continue reading

Nothing Personal, It’s Business — Why This Is A Dangerous Phrase

Have you ever heard the phrase: Nothing personal, it’s business” The hairs on the back of my neck bristle at the thought. This type of pre-emptive sentence is a barely veiled attempt to temper the blow. It typically accompanies a severe and/or … Continue reading

Putting The Are Back Into Brand – Why It’s Important That Branding Gets Personal

Some industries — such as fashion, food, magazine — seem to have a wildly plethoric spread of brands.  So many brands, so little distinction or personality.  In this post, I want to push further why it’s important that any marketing branding … Continue reading

Why Brands Must Get Down And Personal – The World According To Apple

Getting down and personal with your clients and employees is surprisingly foreign for many companies; yet, I maintain that it is going to be an increasingly important element of success for marketers in the future. In this post, I want … Continue reading Continue reading

Government as Guarantor of Privacy?

(Update July 28) With the massive leak of over 91,000 documents from the US Army operations in Afghanistan to wikileaks, the notions of security, confidentiality, privacy and piracy have hit the front pages of mass media around the world.  The role … Continue reading

Yours Personally Professionally

Facebook’s sweeping success is, in very large part, because it is a hybrid social media, brokering the gap of personal and professional.  The rules of the social media game privilege ‘personal’ communications; and companies that manage to insert personal-ity into … Continue reading

Brands Getting Personal

“Branding gets personal” is the tagline behind The Myndset.  A few people have asked why do I use this tagline? I would like to use this post to discuss, at least partially, why it is so important for me. Being … Continue reading Continue reading