Gladtrotter Your Own Personal and Personalized Guided Tour (MDE214)

Minter Dialogue with Diane Aubry This interview is with Diane Aubry, a French entrepreneur with a wonderful initiative called Gladtrotter. This is a platform that matches guides with tourists looking for roads less traveled and tours less typical when visiting … Continue reading

#ParisAttacks Aftershocks – And The Urge to Find Meaning

I think it is finally dawning on all of us that we are living in a radical new era. It seems that little by little, methodically interspersed with several months and country by country, we find a new date to mark on … Continue reading

Sephora Flash – Interactive Robot And Digital Experience Explored

I recently visited the new Sephora Flash store, located in central Paris. This pilot “concept” store was opened on October 21, 2015. Not to be mixed up with Sephora’s Flash 2-day eCommerce delivery service, the Sephora Flash boutique is much smaller than … Continue reading

Review of Hugo Cabret, the film – 3 truths from my point of view

To ring in the new year, we went to see the new Martin Scorsese film, Hugo, based on the book, The Invention of Hugo Cabret, by Brian Selznick. This 2 hour+ film did not seduce me on the merits of … Continue reading

How Naughty Are You? – Volvo takes a test drive downtown

In a bold marketing coup, related to an effort to remove itself from a “too safe” and “family car” image, Volvo launched its S60 in five cities across Europe and conducted, secretly, an experiment designed to measure the naughtiness of … Continue reading Continue reading

Boutique Paris Hotel: Mama Shelter

An out of town friend of mine recently told me about this very different kind of boutique hotel in Paris, called Mama Shelter.  Isn’t it funny how, sometimes, it takes a tourist to tell you about your own city. First … Continue reading

#LeWeb 2009 Paris Conference: Part III of III

This post was originally published on Dec 14 2009 on a new defunct blog.  It is the third in a series of the key learnings from LeWeb 2009 conference (Dec 9-10). As I have written before, I attended the LeWeb … Continue reading

#LeWeb 2009 Conference in Paris – Part I of III

Attended the LeWeb Conference 2009, (the 6th such event), organised by Loic Lemeur and his wife, Géraldine, on December 9-10, 2009. Le Web Paris 2009 In a series of 3 posts, I am going to comment on the top nine … Continue reading