Data Velocity vs Data Volume — When Data Is Billed According To Its Speed?

Has this ever happened to you: you overuse (probably by mistake) the data plan on your mobile such that you get an extra fee tacked on to your monthly charge. When you travel a lot, the risk of data roaming always … Continue reading

Interview with David Ohayon, Chief Digital Officer at John Paul, white label concierge services and CRM technology

Minter Dialogue Episode #127 This interview is David Ohayon, Chief Digital Officer at John Paul, providing concierge services for companies in Europe. Whether as part of value-add for a fidelity program, a service for a premium brand or as a … Continue reading

Interview With @odile_roujol, Chief Strategy And Chief Data Officer At Orange France (mde119)

Minter Dialogue Episode #119 — This interview is with Odile Roujol, Chief Strategy and Data Officer at Orange France. This is Odile’s second time on the show; last time it was when she was SVP of Brand and Communications at … Continue reading

Customer Centricity – 4 keys to putting the core customer in the center

As brands and organizations try to come to grips with the “omnichannel” customer and make customer centricity a reality, it is evident that there is no clear-cut solution or single path to success. The complications are legion, especially when the organization … Continue reading

Customer experience – two different consumer journeys featuring BT and Orange

Most futurists or “futurologists” have predicted that access to the Internet will be everywhere. Even if the “Internet of Things” (IoT) may be considered a trendy trending term, the vision of hyper connectivity all the same continues to excite me. However, caveat … Continue reading

Joe Fernandez, CEO Of Klout Influence Measurement And Management (MDE77)

Minter Dialogue Episode #77 This interview, recorded on October 11, 2013, is with Joe Fernandez, co-founder and CEO of Klout, a system that helps identify and engage with influencers.  As Joe likes to say, Klout is the standard in online … Continue reading

Interview with Giles Corbett (@gicorb), Libon from Orange Vallee (MDE61)

Minter Dialogue #61 This interview is with Giles Corbett, a fellow INSEAD alumnus, who runs Libon, as part of the Orange Group. Libon is an innovative OTT service that provides a radically different experience to ordinary voice mail.  For example, … Continue reading

Mde45: Interview With @odile_roujol, Svp Brand And Communications At Orange France

Minter Dialogue #45 This interview is with Odile Roujol, a friend and ex-colleague from my days at L’Oreal and now SVP, in charge of Brand and Communications for the French telco giant, Orange. Being the delivery mechanism across all our … Continue reading

Digital Unplugged in the Orange Bubble at #LeWeb 2012

Detox & Digital Disconnection I attended the first of Le Web 2012 and have particularly enjoyed the Orange surprise: the Orange Bubble or how to duck out from the overtly connected conference.  In a world overpopulated with i-devices and black … Continue reading