Should you promote Personal Branding at your company? Why branding gets personal

It is far from a unanimous belief that personal branding is a good thing. It can become particularly contentious when it comes to an employee’s personal branding. I have heard of top executives talk about “disloyalty.” Others talk about “outsized” … Continue reading

9 steps to write a great bio – short and sweet characters

Do you think you could have a better bio? I’m talking about the little blurb that you use to define your presence on various online networks. How to write a great bio isn’t a question we regularly discuss at work, much less at … Continue reading

Digital Education – The Internet is learned by living it, not by reading about it

If Facebook has gained 20 million users in France, there are still some people in France who are recalcitrant users, wary of the platform and feel more or less forced to join (6 reasons why not to join!). But, to … Continue reading