Netexplo 2014 – Interview with Ian Fisher, Digital Journalism at New York Times

At this year’s Netexplo 2014 Forum, I had the good fortune to moderate two of the sessions on the main stage, including an interview with Ian Fisher, Assistant Managing Editor for digital operations at the New York Times. With Ian, we … Continue reading

Netexplo Forum 2014 – Some fundamental trends in new tech #Netexplo

This year’s Netexplo Forum * 2014 was original in more ways than one. For starters, the second day (of 3 days) was entirely distributed; i.e. it was held at a distance with live streaming. That’s to say, all the panels … Continue reading

Interview of Jennifer Preston Social Media Editor at NYT

This interview with Jennifer Preston, Social Media Editor at the New York Times, was conducted by my good friend, Olivier Cimelière, who translated and posted it on his fabulous blog Le Blog du Communicant 2.0.  You can find the French … Continue reading