Hints You Are Going To Burn Out – And What You Can Do About It!

In this hyper connected world, where we are “on” so much of the day, seven days per week, there are some real risks. Sure, there are important business issues with regard to communication and collaboration, but the hidden concern is employee health, … Continue reading

Making sense of your digitally connected world

In this digitally connected world, I often hear about how people feel blindsided by how fast each day goes by. Without having been brought up or schooled on the new digital world, most executives still don’t even know how to type … Continue reading

MDE16: Great conversation with Jonathan George, CEO and founder of Boxcar

I had the chance to interview Jonathan George, founder of the Boxcar (btw the url ends in .io) service. Boxcar is a rapidly growing system that allows you to centralize your notifications between Facebook, Twitter and a slew of other platforms … Continue reading