How Many Email Addresses Should I Have? The Marketer’s Challenge

Has this question ever even crossed your mind? It’s possible you have just one email account and have never thought twice about it. But, for most of us, we probably have several email addresses? In fact, on average, we all … Continue reading

Patrick Powers, Social Media And Email Marketing (MDE57)

Minter Dialogue #57 This interview is with Patrick Powers, a Danish-born entrepreneur, living in greater London. Patrick, who has written a couple of books, runs the vibrant Entrepreneurs in London club and works on helping SMBs on their email marketing and … Continue reading

LIKE ME! The New Marketing Paradise?

LIKE ME!  FOLLOW ME!  RECOMMEND ME!  SHARE THIS!  SUBSCRIBE! These are the new calls to action for digital marketers.  Anytime a consumer is online, he or she cannot avoid the virtual solicitations from brands and content creator sites (media, blogs, … Continue reading Continue reading