The Key Trends For 2018 – Brace Yourself

Are you concerned about or interested by what is going to happen in 2018? In the era of too much (spurious and fake) news, it’s a serious challenge for business leaders to stay abreast of what’s going on. At one … Continue reading

How to futureproof your business with Caleb Storkey (MDE243)

Minter Dialogue with Caleb StorkeyCaleb Storkey is co-author with me of our upcoming book, Futureproof, How to get your business ready for the next disruption. In this preview chat, we discuss what are the key points and learnings we’ve had so far. … Continue reading

New Tech Trends With Simon Cocking At Irish Tech News (MDE198)

Minter Dialogue with Simon Cocking This interview is with Simon Cocking, Senior Editor at Irish Tech News. Simon is an entrepreneur, coder and writer. In this podcast, we discuss tech trends, what are some of the most exciting areas in … Continue reading

Sigfox – Connecting The Real World To The Internet With Thomas Nicholls And Marion Moreau (MDE161)

Minter Dialogue Episode #161 This interview is with a dynamic duo from Sigfox, a big success story out of France, with Thomas Nicholls, EVP of Communications, and Marion Moreau, in charge of Corporate Branding. If you are at all curious … Continue reading

Interview with Daniel Burrus, on new tech trends and ways for business to innovate (MDE126)

Minter Dialogue Episode #126 — This interview is Daniel Burrus, speaker, strategist and author of 6 books, including the NYT and WSJ’s best seller, Flash Foresight. Dan is one of the world’s leading futurists on Global Trends and Innovation. He … Continue reading

Tom Goodwin – futurologist on marketing, advertising and new tech (MDE113)

Minter Dialogue Episode #113 This interview is with Tom Goodwin who works on both sides of the Atlantic, writing and speaking about the future of advertising & marketing for the likes of Ad Age, The Guardian, Wired and more. In this interview, … Continue reading

David Mattin – Trendwatching new tech trends around the world (MDE101)

Minter Dialogue Episode #101 This interview is with David Mattin, Head of Trends & Insights at Trendwatching is an independent trend firm based out of London, with an impressive network of trend spotters around the world. Trendwatching evaluates consumer … Continue reading

Adrien Henni, East West Digital News co-founder and Chief Editor (MDE54)

Minter Dialogue #54 This interview is with Adrien Henni, co-founder and chief editor of East West Digital News, an English language media focused on the evolving Russian digital market. He is also advisor to FaberNovel, the innovation consultancy out of … Continue reading

Netexplo 2013 – Observing New Technology Trends And Our Changing World #netexplo

The Netexplo Forum is a magical two-day annual event that is held at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris.  This year’s event was no exception.  Founded by Thierry Happe and Martine Bidegain, the Netexplo Observatory and Forum is a landmark event, observing … Continue reading

Lessons from the Museum – How to avoid museum-style management?

Do you like museums? It’s funny, but we all know that, at least a part of us, MUST like visiting museums. It’s a necessary part of understanding who and why we are the way we are. Too often, though, it … Continue reading