Bitland – Blockchain Technology Applied to Land Cadastres with Chris Bates (MDE185)

Minter Dialogue Episode #185 This interview is with Chris Bates, Chief Security Officer at Bitland, an NGO that uses the blockchain technology to help register the cadastre of land, with a focus on African countries — specifically Ghana — for … Continue reading

Learn About Blockchain Through David Ring at Colu, A New Blockchain Technology Platform for Enterprises (MD184)

Minter Dialogue Episode #184 This interview is with David Ring, co-founder and VP of R&D at Colu, a blockchain technology platform for enterprises and developers providing a toolbox for building blockchain-based applications. Colu was selected as an Award-Winner for the … Continue reading

Behind the Scenes with AJ Brustein at Wonolo, On-Demand Staffing App (MDE183)

Minter Dialogue Episode #183 This interview is with AJ Brustein, co-founder and CEO of Wonolo, Work Now Locally, an on-demand staffing app that connects businesses with temporary workers. AJ was previously Global Senior Brand Manager at Coca-Cola before leading the … Continue reading

Julie Legault Bringing BioTech To The Home with Amino One (MDE182)

Minter Dialogue Episode #182 This interview is with Julie Legault, a designer out of MIT Media Lab, who makes scientific and technological innovations approachable to the public. With a background in interactive art and wearable tech, Julie has created Amino … Continue reading

Rainforest Connection – Topher White uses technology and entrepreneurial spirit for the sake of saving rainforests (MDE136)

Minter Dialogue Episode #136 — This interview is with Topher White, founder and CEO of Rainforest Connection, a not-for-profit initiative that uses entrepreneurial flair and technological know-how to help stop deforestation. Topher recently made a rousing speech at TEDxCern and … Continue reading

Pointing the finger at Digital Transformation. New tech trends that every company needs to embrace

Recently, I conducted a series of interviews with 14 professors from prestigious universities (MIT, Stanford, Sydney, HEC, Bangalore…) who are intimately involved with digital technology and innovation. They are also all part of the Netexplo* new tech observatory network. There were … Continue reading

Michal Eitan – expert on design management at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design (MDE132)

Minter Dialogue Episode #132 This interview is with Michal Eitan, professor and head of the Master program of Design Management (M-Des) at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem. In this interview, we talk about the role and importance … Continue reading

Do you have an innovation mindset?

Innovation is a word that is used very frequently in business meetings and written with great conviction in annual reports. Innovation is a lofty ambition that can inspire. And, it is considered by many as the single biggest driver of … Continue reading

Gregory Pouy, talking digital transformation in big business (MDE106)

Minter Dialogue Episode #106 This interview is with Gregory Pouy, one of the better known digital marketing experts in France, and recently cited as the top 70 rising social media stars worldwide by the phenomenal Mark Schaeffer. Greg has been working with … Continue reading

Leo Bonanni – CEO and founder of SourceMap for greater supply chain transparency

Minter Dialogue Episode #104 This interview is with Dr Leo Bonanni, CEO and founder of Sourcemap, a social network and collaborative platform that essentially helps companies to map their supply chain around the world. In this conversation, we discuss the Sourcemap … Continue reading