Bitland – Blockchain Technology Applied to Land Cadastres with Chris Bates (MDE185)

Minter Dialogue Episode #185 This interview is with Chris Bates, Chief Security Officer at Bitland, an NGO that uses the blockchain technology to help register the cadastre of land, with a focus on African countries — specifically Ghana — for … Continue reading

Learn About Blockchain Through David Ring at Colu, A New Blockchain Technology Platform for Enterprises (MD184)

Minter Dialogue Episode #184 This interview is with David Ring, co-founder and VP of R&D at Colu, a blockchain technology platform for enterprises and developers providing a toolbox for building blockchain-based applications. Colu was selected as an Award-Winner for the … Continue reading

Behind the Scenes with AJ Brustein at Wonolo, On-Demand Staffing App (MDE183)

Minter Dialogue Episode #183 This interview is with AJ Brustein, co-founder and CEO of Wonolo, Work Now Locally, an on-demand staffing app that connects businesses with temporary workers. AJ was previously Global Senior Brand Manager at Coca-Cola before leading the … Continue reading

Julie Legault Bringing BioTech To The Home with Amino One (MDE182)

Minter Dialogue Episode #182 This interview is with Julie Legault, a designer out of MIT Media Lab, who makes scientific and technological innovations approachable to the public. With a background in interactive art and wearable tech, Julie has created Amino … Continue reading

Netexplo 2014 – Interview with Ian Fisher, Digital Journalism at New York Times

At this year’s Netexplo 2014 Forum, I had the good fortune to moderate two of the sessions on the main stage, including an interview with Ian Fisher, Assistant Managing Editor for digital operations at the New York Times. With Ian, we … Continue reading

Wibbitz – the play button of the web and Netexplo 2014 Grand Prize Winner (MDE96)

Minter Dialogue Episode #96 This interview is with the two founders of Wibbitz, Zohar Dayan and Yotam Cohen. Wibbitz, the Netexplo Grand Prize Winner of 2014, is a service that creates a summarized automatic video of text on the web. … Continue reading

MDE53: Matt Stempeck – LazyTruth wins at Netexplo 2013 cc @mstem

Minter Dialogue #53 – Reports from Netexplo In the second of the series, here is an interview with Netexplo Forum 2013 award winner, Matt Stempeck.  Matt created LazyTruth, an open source system to help us vet the false from the true … Continue reading

Blue Nod: A new Twitter influence and community visualization tool at #Netexplo 2013

Aside from the feast of interesting people, fascinating material and the discovery of new technology trends from around the world that you can find at the Netexplo Forum, I came across a nifty app that brings a whole new type … Continue reading

MDE52: Interview with Nanshu Lu, Electronic Tattoos at #Netexplo 2013

Minter Dialogue #52 – Reports from Netexplo Some of you will hopefully have followed the Netexplo Forum 2013, 14-15 February, where we look at the new technology trends the world over. I was able to catch up with a few of … Continue reading

Netexplo 2013 – Observing New Technology Trends And Our Changing World #netexplo

The Netexplo Forum is a magical two-day annual event that is held at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris.  This year’s event was no exception.  Founded by Thierry Happe and Martine Bidegain, the Netexplo Observatory and Forum is a landmark event, observing … Continue reading