Louis-Philippe Morency, Principal For SIMSENSEI, Netexplo 2014 Laureate

Minter Dialogue Episode #99 This interview is with Louis-Philippe Morency, one of the Principal Investigators on the SimSensei project being run at USC. SimSensei was one of the top ten award winners at this year’s Netexplo Forum. Louis-Philippe, was voted one … Continue reading

New tech that’s changing the world – A review of the top 10 award winners from #Netexplo 2014

I have had the good fortune to be associated with the Netexplo Observatory* since its creation. In case you have not come across it, Netexplo is an independent observatory that studies the impact of digital tech on society and business. Founded … Continue reading

John Matherly, Shodan Founder and CEO – search engine for the internet of things #Netexplo

Minter Dialogue Episode #97 This interview is with John Matherly, founder and CEO of Shodan, one of the top 10 laureates at Netexplo 2014. Shodan is a search engine for the Internet of Things (IoT). John is at the cutting … Continue reading

Netexplo 2014 – Interview with Ian Fisher, Digital Journalism at New York Times

At this year’s Netexplo 2014 Forum, I had the good fortune to moderate two of the sessions on the main stage, including an interview with Ian Fisher, Assistant Managing Editor for digital operations at the New York Times. With Ian, we … Continue reading

Netexplo Forum 2014 – Some fundamental trends in new tech #Netexplo

This year’s Netexplo Forum * 2014 was original in more ways than one. For starters, the second day (of 3 days) was entirely distributed; i.e. it was held at a distance with live streaming. That’s to say, all the panels … Continue reading

Wibbitz – the play button of the web and Netexplo 2014 Grand Prize Winner (MDE96)

Minter Dialogue Episode #96 This interview is with the two founders of Wibbitz, Zohar Dayan and Yotam Cohen. Wibbitz, the Netexplo Grand Prize Winner of 2014, is a service that creates a summarized automatic video of text on the web. … Continue reading