The Art of Storytelling Via Different Media – Exploring The Last Ring Home

How important would you say storytelling is in your life (personally and/or professionally)? It’s an artform that I’ve been exploring ever since school and I continue to search for recipes, insights, inspiration and… great stories. One of the challenges in this … Continue reading

How to make an engaging post: greatest lessons learned from the Obama campaign

Old School Comms For those of us brought up in the old school of “Communications”, we tended to consider a communication tantamount to a broadcast.  ”Get that message out there!” I can hear the echo of some old bosses.  On … Continue reading

How to find storytelling talent? The pen, the picture and the philm

Telling stories There are stories (lies) and there are stories (that move).  Great storytelling is about communicating the story in a way that draws you in, makes an emotional connection.  A telling story is one where the audience leaves itching … Continue reading