Phish Summer Tour Video

Announcing Phish’s Summer Tour via Video

This is a very clever video announcing the Phish summer tour for 2011.

Phish Summer Tour 2011 on Vimeo

Phish Summer 2011 Tour from Phish on Vimeo.

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Recently been excited to share to the French marketing community the ‘marketing lessons’ of the Grateful Dead (inspired very much by David Meerman Scott). Phish of course are on the same path.

The Death Of The Music Industry

Music Industry

The demise of the music industry

A graphic display of the state of the music industry created by Bain…. What it speaks to is the head-in-the-sand approach that the industry had as a whole as the internet wave took over, reaching its peak in 1998. Technical chart readers will notice the perfect head & shoulders shape of the decline. Classic stuff.  Clearly, digital sales are not to suffice.  The industry will need to find a new way to entertain and render the value added of its artists.

ADDENDUM:  The revised (new & improved) chart (thanks to Mike in the comments below) from Business Insider:

Music Industry Sales ... a mountainous journey

Music Industry Sales ... a mountainous journey

Music lessons … A stand-up performance?

I came acros a shop in Annecy (Haute Savoie) that was selling a number of t-shirts with distorted brand logos (with play on words in French). Here is the most international example… The power of music and love (should I say “sex”): two of the world’s universal languages.

Professor of Music
Private lessons at home.

As for the other examples, clearly they are lost in translation.  Enjoy!