How To Drive Your Brand as An Artist and Entrepreneur with Loren Weisman (MDE205)

Minter Dialogue with Loren Weisman This interview is with Loren Weisman, fellow business advisor, speaker, host of the podcast, Wait What Really OK! and author of two books, The Artist’s Guide to Success and Music Business for Dummies. In this … Continue reading

When Technology and Content Drive a Quality Music Experience, with Pete Downton @7Digital (MDE197)

Minter Dialogue with Pete Downton This interview is with Pete Downton, Deputy CEO of 7Digital, a publicly traded agency that has a digital music platform with nearly 50 million tracks powering 50 music services around the world. In this podcast, … Continue reading

The Death Of The Music Industry

via┬á A graphic display of the state of the music industry created by Bain…. What it speaks to is the head-in-the-sand approach that the industry had as a whole as the internet wave took over, reaching its peak in 1998. … Continue reading