Lessons from the Museum – How to avoid museum-style management?

Do you like museums? It’s funny, but we all know that, at least a part of us, MUST like visiting museums. It’s a necessary part of understanding who and why we are the way we are. Too often, though, it … Continue reading

Surprise tweet from the Stockholm Historical Museum

On a family holidays to Stockholm, we visited the Swedish Museum of National Antiquities (aka Historical Museum or Historiska Museet in Swedish), located at Narvavägen 13–17, in the east side of Stockholm. I have two things to say about this … Continue reading Continue reading

Psychiatry is politics… and dollars and cents

I had never been fully exposed to the downside of psychiatry until I visited this week the exposition “Pyschiatrie: la vérité sur ses abus” in Paris at the Hotel Castiglione, 40 rue deFaubourg St Honoré. Sponsored by Citizens’ Commission on … Continue reading

Turkish Delights – Cappadocia Holidays in Turkey

The Dial ’07 Summer Holidays, C’est L’Aventure — Part 2 of 3. After our 7-day “yin” stint at Palmiye Club Med, we struck out for the “yang” part of our holidays, and headed for the airport of Antalya to rent … Continue reading