Promises, Promises… A Connected Taxi? Building Trust Through Technology

The sector of transportation is just another in a long hit parade of sectors massively disrupted by technology. Looking at the taxi industry, in particular, the entrenched taxi base has been combating the Uber effect with various tactics and techniques and with … Continue reading

Money for nothing and wifi for free… How to monetize wifi?

As the provision of wifi becomes more commonplace in places of commerce (malls, stores, restaurants, clubs, etc.), there are a number of different ways companies are looking to monetize wifi or otherwise gain value out of offering ”free wifi.” These include: … Continue reading

A secret message can truly trust? After Secret, Confide, Snapchat… escape the Internet with Wickr

At SXSW2015, I attended the very entertaining Knight Foundation event and was delighted to meet Nico Sell, a serial entrepreneur who helps organize and run the seminal hackers’ convention DEF-CON (which has been around for 22 years). Nico is also the co-founder and CEO … Continue reading

What’s Whichit? A promising new way to heighten engagement (MDE135) – Itw with Jonathan Gan, CEO and Founder

Minter Dialogue Episode #135 — This interview is with Jonathan Gan, founder and CEO of Whichit, a promising new way to heighten engagement. Based in London, Jonathan is a man on a mission. In this podcast, we talk about some … Continue reading

Making sense of your digitally connected world

In this digitally connected world, I often hear about how people feel blindsided by how fast each day goes by. Without having been brought up or schooled on the new digital world, most executives still don’t even know how to type … Continue reading

How to save time – The digital tip every marketer needs to know

Would you agree that it is rather difficult to stay up with everything that is going on in the digital world? Even for someone who has totally embraced digital as I have, there is a seemingly never-ending stream of news and … Continue reading

Why I love the iPhone 6 Plus (and it’s not what you are thinking!)

So, have you yet held an iPhone 6 Plus in your hand? Between #bendgate* (BTW you shouldn’t put it in your back pocket anyway because it can easily be swiped from there, just like your wallet) and initial challenges with iOS8, the … Continue reading

Internet Retailing Recap 2014 – Here are the big aha’s

The Internet Retailing Conference 2014, held in Hammersmith and run by Ian Jindal (Editor-in-chief and co-founder with Mark Pigou), was a great event. Now in its 9th edition, it is clearly one of the capital moments in the eBusiness/eCommerce space … Continue reading

Customer experience – two different consumer journeys featuring BT and Orange

Most futurists or “futurologists” have predicted that access to the Internet will be everywhere. Even if the “Internet of Things” (IoT) may be considered a trendy trending term, the vision of hyper connectivity all the same continues to excite me. However, caveat … Continue reading

The new mobile frontier with Roy Vella (MDE112)

Minter Dialogue Episode #112 This interview is with Roy Vella, a digital expert, consultant and mobile evangelist. Roy is particularly focused on the convergence of online, mobile and financial services. As Roy likes to say, he helps companies ride the #mobilewave. … Continue reading