How to transform the police and how to futureproof your career with Justin Insalaco (MDE266)

Before founding Innovation 4.0 with Will Donovan, Justin Insalaco spent nearly ten years as a police officer. With Justin’s verve and need to provide IMPACT, he created a mobile app, Guidant Systems, as a side project, to help officers do … Continue reading

How to save time – The digital tip every marketer needs to know

Would you agree that it is rather difficult to stay up with everything that is going on in the digital world? Even for someone who has totally embraced digital as I have, there is a seemingly never-ending stream of news and … Continue reading

INSEAD mobile app – technology helping learning and networking

Networking in the 21st century I am very happy to report that my business school, INSEAD, has taken on social media, podcasting and mobile with great vigor.  Not that I have followed their every action at INSEAD, nor can I … Continue reading