What’s The Expected Lifespan Of Your Company? Why Should You Care?

The average lifespan of a publicly traded company continues to fall. Depending on who you listen to, the number is now below 18 years. That number has dropped from 61 in 1958 and 25 in 1980. That’s what was reported … Continue reading

Nathalie Nahai, Web Psychologist – how to master online influence and web marketing (MDE125)

Minter Dialogue Episode #125 — This interview is with Nathalie Nahai, the Web Psychologist, who is a great speaker, trainer and author of “Webs of Influence,” published in 2012. Nathalie brings together psychology, design and technology to understand better online … Continue reading

Comic at Work. How much personality and sense of humor should you bring to work?

Mitch Joel , the inspiring content provider and a role model for me personally, recently recorded yet another stirring podcast, entitled “Laughing all the way to the Bank with James Altucher.” In this podcast, Mitch and James discuss their shared … Continue reading

Who to follow on Twitter? A cartography of types of Twitter profiles and users

According to Twopcharts (which is admittedly a bit wonky), Twitter now apparently boasts over 2.1 billion accounts created, with some 300 new accounts coming every second.   If that 2.1B number is anywhere near accurate, it certainly includes an enormous number of spammers and … Continue reading

Big data is dead

Big data is Dead, or Big Data* is really a Big Headache Specifically, for 99% of companies, big data is dead before we even started talking about it. Why? Because it is a vast, vague and unfriendly term for businesses … Continue reading

Truth and Transparency – Just how much should we be truthful and transparent?

I don’t know about you, but I hate it when someone starts with, “To tell you the truth…”  It is a sure way to get me to frown and worry about what is about to come out of his/her mouth. … Continue reading

What’s the big deal about active versus passive media? (With a hat tip to @MitchJoel)

Inspired by a couple of ever fascinating podcasts by Mitch Joel at Twist Image, I wanted to dig into two ideas about digital marketing. First, the notion of “active versus passive media” as Mitch calls it.  As opposed to attempting … Continue reading

Mitch Joel – An interview on the state of digital marketing

A podcast is content… yessir! Mitch Joel remains a man on the ball and one of the most revered voices in digital marketing across North America.  In this early morning interview recorded on August 1st, 2011, with Mitch in Montreal, … Continue reading

Podcasting – Minter dialoguing in the open

The importance of dialogue I have been podcasting in English and French now for nearly a year now. For those of you who don’t know it, I call my podcast the Minter Dialogue radio show.  I use the term “radio … Continue reading

Mitch Joel – President of Twist Image Digital Marketing Agency

An interview with Mitch Joel Mitch Joel is one of the most respected people in the digital media space in the world.  He is President of Twist Image Digital Marketing & Communication, aka “Media Hacker“.  With a direct pick up … Continue reading