Podcasts – Why and how you should get to listening to some podcasts as part of your daily digital regime

Podcasts have evolved from a trendy buzz word into a more mature phase, where you can now find some admirable longstanding podcasts that have withstood the test of time. That said, the podcast as a medium remains somewhat marginal in … Continue reading

How Many Podcasts Are There? What’s The Future Of The Podcast?

Podcasts: thumbs up or thumbs down? If you have come to this blog, is it because you know and already like podcasts?  Or are you curious about them?  Or did you land here by mistake? From my perspective, the podcast* … Continue reading

Podcasting – Minter dialoguing in the open

The importance of dialogue I have been podcasting in English and French now for nearly a year now. For those of you who don’t know it, I call my podcast the Minter Dialogue radio show.  I use the term “radio … Continue reading

Really Virtual or Virtually Real? A social media experiment

A SOCIAL MEDIA EXPERIMENT   I am on a mission.  I have launched a social media experiment (over on Minter Dialogue Blog) regarding the 100th anniversary of the birth of my grandfather, Lt Cdr N Minter Dial, after whom I was … Continue reading

Mitch Joel – President of Twist Image Digital Marketing Agency

An interview with Mitch Joel Mitch Joel is one of the most respected people in the digital media space in the world.  He is President of Twist Image Digital Marketing & Communication, aka “Media Hacker“.  With a direct pick up … Continue reading