One of the great advantages of eCommerce: it does depend on…

As companies continue to ramp up their eCommerce efforts, there seems to be no end to the teething pains. Coming to grips with the omni/multi/ubiquitous channel customer is no easy feat. But, in an aha moment, it struck me that … Continue reading

How To Unleash The Biggest Brake On Digital Transformation?

When trying to drive digital transformation into your organization, have you ever noticed how most initiatives just seem to dissipate? It’s like when a stone thrown into a lake, where the sploosh and ensuing ripples just return to a placid surface. The … Continue reading

Internet Retailing Recap 2014 – Here are the big aha’s

The Internet Retailing Conference 2014, held in Hammersmith and run by Ian Jindal (Editor-in-chief and co-founder with Mark Pigou), was a great event. Now in its 9th edition, it is clearly one of the capital moments in the eBusiness/eCommerce space … Continue reading

Three Wise Men or Three Why’s Men? How to recruit for the right attitude

Coming out of the Christmas period, you probably had your fill of the three wise men.  My favorite crack I heard was “A virgin birth I can believe, but finding three wise men?” {Click to Tweet} As readers of this … Continue reading

The Mindset List: 2016 List for the latest crop of 18 year olds

This year’s entering college class of 2016 was born into cyberspace and they have therefore measured their output in the fundamental particles of life: bits, bytes, and bauds. They have come to political consciousness during a time of increasing doubts … Continue reading

To blog or not blog? A very real question for any CEO

I had a lovely interview podcast with a good friend of mine, Olivier Cimilière Cordonnier, who is specialized in Corporate Communications (formerly head of Corporate Communications at Google France) and author of a successful French blog (Le Blog du Communicant … Continue reading

The Beta Myndset – Launch & Iterate

One of the most revolutionary marketing tools to come to the surface recently is the beta launch.  Essentially, a product is “pre-launched” as a beta version and, as a consequence, errors are to be anticipated and feedback is openly accepted. … Continue reading Continue reading