How to transform the police and how to futureproof your career with Justin Insalaco (MDE266)

Minter Dialogue with Justin Insalaco Before founding Innovation 4.0 with Will Donovan, Justin Insalaco spent nearly ten years as a police officer. With Justin’s verve and need to provide IMPACT, he created a mobile app, Guidant Systems, as a side … Continue reading

How To Develop The Futureproof Mindset

Whenever I get an inside view of a company culture, it seems so easy to find the faults. But what of the recipes for success? The bigger question becomes: How to develop a futureproof mindset? It starts at the top … Continue reading

Mind the Gap Between What You Think and What You Say

How often do you find you have to mind the gap? For example, sometimes, you might say one thing but actually mean another. It’s just a normal part of daily life. Of course, the gap can be a question of language, … Continue reading