What’s to fear with Digital Ubiquity or the Internet of Things (and People)?

Inspired by a post by my friend Greg Verdino who wrote about (and will be speaking at a the Potomac TEDx on) Digital Ubiquity (see Greg’s post), I see the Internet of Things or the Internet of Objects becoming a … Continue reading

Looking back at 2011, what happened?

Year-end 2011 Retrospective It is Boxing Day, 2011… aka December 26th.  I write this post as I have been asked to write a little recap of the year that has just passed.  Oh, and what a year it has been, … Continue reading Continue reading

Looking for an Older Version of your Software ?

Having spent the better part of the evening trying to download an older version of Internet Explorer in order to play an old DVD for my daughter’s homework, I finally landed upon the best solution: OldVersion.com OldVersion so rightly says … Continue reading

The Month of New Search Engines?

In the years to come, will this month be declared the month that forever changed the face of Internet search engines? There have been at least two significant launches that I have read about. Based on sophisticated algorhythms, these two … Continue reading

State of the Spam Business: Spam Pollution

State of the Spam BusinessHow many legitimate (non junk or spam) emails do you receive in your inbox? It may come as a surprise to you that only 3% of the world’s supply of emails are legitimate, at least that’s … Continue reading

Microsoft Opening Stores — A landslide or a landmine?

News is out that Microsoft is going to start opening its own stores. (Seattle Times 12/2/09 or Mercury News, 13/2/09) Having hired David Porter, a 25-year veteran of Walmart, Microsoft wants to go down the Apple path to create a … Continue reading

Defense Live Scan Virus Attack & Google’s New Promote/Remove

Out of every bad thing, something good! I was doing a scan on Google this morning and found a new link to my name. The link opened up in a new tab and immediately said it was searching for viruses, … Continue reading

Global Power Rankings China versus ROW

China is making progress up the Global Power Ranking if you count market caps. Chinese publicly traded companies are now dominating the top 10 list of biggest market capitalizations worldwide. This Figaro article of 30 October highlighted that 5 out … Continue reading