#Hellothree: Think different… and dare to be creative

Think different… be creative Over the last two weeks, while all the attention has been focused on the Apple iPhone 6 launch, I wanted to highlight the creative on UK-based Three’s latest ads. These adverts have been running over the last few … Continue reading

Interview of Jennifer Preston Social Media Editor at NYT

This interview with Jennifer Preston, Social Media Editor at the New York Times, was conducted by my good friend, Olivier Cimelière, who translated and posted it on his fabulous blog Le Blog du Communicant 2.0.  You can find the French … Continue reading

MDE42: Marc Rougier @Marcfuseki – CEO And Founder Of Scoop.It, Curation And Content Marketing Platform

Minter Dialogue #42 This interview, recorded at Le Web 2012, is with Marc Rougier, a past participant on my French podcast (hear the French interview of Marc from April 2011). Marc is founder and CEO of Scoop.it, one of the … Continue reading

The Artist as a parable for the new era of digital marketing

“Out with the old. In with the new.”   From the silent film The Artist, this line was “spoken” by the character, Peppy Miller (played by Bérénice Bejo), as she was PRing her new film, “The Beauty Spot,” all the while … Continue reading

Coincidence or Purposeful Juxtaposition?

Sometimes, you do have to wonder if IT is on purpose.  I opened the Herald Tribune yesterday (Sept 15, 2010) and, as is my wont, turned to the world news section (page 4).  Below is the spread of the top … Continue reading Continue reading

How the Internet is Revolutionizing Business Everywhere

Taking a step back recently, I tried to think of all the industries that have been radically transformed by the tsunami of the Internet. Internet has a way of altering the way of the land in many different ways because, … Continue reading

WikiLeaks: Wicked or Wonderful leaks?

WikiLeaks is one  of the most riveting initiatives (read: ongoing battles) on the Internet and is putting a new spin on the transparency-anonymity debate.  The Sunshine Press, which runs WikiLeaks, is an non-profit organization funded by human rights campaigners, investigative journalists, … Continue reading

The MSM Media Challenge — Some more ideas of improvement

Here are some more ideas for the mainstream media (MSM) to kick into high gear with their online community. With media titles dying or falling fallow on a daily basis, the MSM crisis seems just now to be hitting full … Continue reading

Mainstream Media Strategy – Recommendation from a reader’s perspective

As mainstream media (MSM) companies continue to scramble to find a winning model, I am inspired to write a post based on the interactive (read: moderation) strategy that the BBC has put in place on its news forums. Having taken … Continue reading