Getting to the mobile customer in retail with Maya Mikhailov, CMO at @GPShopper (MDE149)

Minter Dialogue Episode #149 This interview is with Maya Mikhailov, CMO and co-founder of GP Shopper, a mobile integrated platform for retailers and brands. Based out of NY and Chicago, GP Shopper works with companies such as Best Buy, Estee … Continue reading

What’s Your Deal? What Lies In The Discount Culture

I was struck by an article in the UK Metro daily newspaper headlined, “Discount culture is to blame for M&S woes.”  Three of the major retailers in the UK (Tesco, Morrisons and M&S) announced negative results, despite indications that the … Continue reading

Interview with Christian Holst, @Baymard Institute, on how to improve the user experience

Minter Dialogue #63 This interview is with Christian Holst, co-founder of The Baymard Institute, based in Copenhagen, a research firm focused on how to improve the user experience. In this conversation with Christian, we discuss the challenges of making a … Continue reading

MDE43: Delphine Mousseau, Ex Tommy.Com, Talking Ecommerce Tips And Tricks

Minter Dialogue #43 This interview is with Delphine (Robiot) Mousseau, a bona fide expert in eCommerce. Delphine has more than a ten-year track record in eCommerce, having been in charge of Tommy Hilfiger’s eCommerce store,, across Europe as well … Continue reading

What the social phone means for digital marketing

On the heels of the bloody 2Q earnings report by Facebook, the subject of the Facebook phone has become a hot topic, promptly denied by Mark Zuckerberg. The question of the Facebook phone garners a good amount of negativity, probably … Continue reading

Interview with Edwin Metcalf, Rainmaker, financing all things mobile

The world of mobile, viewed by investment bankingEdwin Metcalf is partner at Rainmaker Capital, a boutique investment bank.  Rainmaker represents both sellers and buyers in developing and executing corporate development strategies, with a major focus on enabling technologies at the crossroads … Continue reading

Interview with Michael Goitein of UsableNet, Total Mobility

Going mobile: UsableNet makes your site fit for any mobile environment Recorded Feb 29, 2012, this interview is with my old friend Mike Goitein, tennis buddy, fellow musician, foodie, polyglot and senior project manager at UsableNet, the leading mobile and … Continue reading

Where Is The Value Added In An Ecommerce Site?

With some 500,000 eCommerce sites in the US and presumably over double that in Europe (considering that each country has to have its own language and that France alone has over 100,000), eCommerce is hitting the big time. If you … Continue reading

3 rules of real estate and 3 rules of modern day marketing

To some degree, the very idea of rules is something that is cultural.  They say that England (and Anglo-Saxons, in general) is a country governed by rules with laws that the populace tend to break; while France is a country … Continue reading Continue reading