Important Marketing Tips and Trends for 2018 and Creating Powerful and Effective Education Online with Kerry O’Shea Gorgone (MDE262)

Minter Dialogue Episode #262

kerry o'shea gorgoneKerry O’Shea Gorgone is Director of Product Strategy at MarketingProfs, which offers education for many of the top organisations in the world and boasts over 600,000 members. Kerry, who has a law and business masters degree, is also host of the Marketing Smarts podcast. In this podcast, we discuss some important trends and tips for marketers in 2018, including the upcoming GDPR implementation in Europe, as well as look at how to provide and lead great education using the digital tools and platforms.

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Marketing is DEAD… even in Dutch

I came across this Dutch presentation courtesy of a post at Molenaar Online Marketing. It is a slideshare presentation with the feature message that Marketing is D.E.A.D. With my particular passion for the Grateful Dead, I found the link far too curious not to pursue. Of course, since I do not speak Dutch, I had to make do with some approximations for the surrounding commentary. Nonetheless, the main message is quite tight. [Today’s conventional] marketing is:


End-User Focused



Here is the slideshare presentation link for those of you who spreken Nederlands. It comes with lots of powerful images and a YouTube Video (in English, so all is not lost if you speak just English, like me).

Marketing is DEAD

"Classic" Marketing is DEAD

And, with broad artistic license, here is a reworked quote from a classic Dead tune:

music notes

“Listen to the client sing sweet songs, to rock my brand…”