Important Marketing Tips and Trends for 2018 and Creating Powerful and Effective Education Online with Kerry O’Shea Gorgone (MDE262)

Kerry O’Shea Gorgone is Director of Product Strategy at MarketingProfs, which offers education for many of the top organisations in the world and boasts over 600,000 members. Kerry, who has a law and business masters degree, is also host of … Continue reading

Mindset and Marketing trends 2016 – What To Watch Out For

Last week, I published the first section of the business trends predictions for 2016, focusing on the new technology trends. This week, I present the other two sections, looking at the trends for marketing and in terms of mindset. The truth is … Continue reading

Future Marketing Trends 2014-2015 (MDE94)

Minter Dialogue Episode #94 This is a different kind of podcast than my usual interview of a digital star. This time, I am up! Invited by my old friend and colleague, Rodrigo Padilla (on behalf of Canada Post), I gave … Continue reading