Marketing Lessons From Apple [Infographic] – Mystery, Simplicity and Experiences

Which Apple Seeds Grow? Many are the companies that would “die” to be Apple. People often talk about best practices and best in class. However, few ever manage to change materially or actually do anything about it. All the same, Apple … Continue reading

Insights and Secrets for Pokemon Go! Marketing Lessons for Business

By now, you’ve surely heard of the Pokemon Go (PG) craze, right? If you haven’t, I suspect that means that (a) you’ve been on holidays in the boondocks, (b) you don’t have kids or (c) perhaps you snub all things … Continue reading

What can brands learn from the 2012 US Presidential Elections – Obama, Romney or USA?

In search of sense (not cents) After living through the most expensive Presidential campaign in the history of the world (not just the US), one has to scratch one’s head about the state of the democratic process. A whopping $1.057 … Continue reading