Wearable Devices – Comparing Fitbit versus FuelBand – hoax or coach

This may be the breakout year for wearable devices. [I see them as part of my top 10 marketing trends for this year]. The wearable fitness tracker market is still somewhat niche, but it is growing rapidly and is projected … Continue reading

Putting The Are Back Into Brand – Why It’s Important That Branding Gets Personal

Some industries — such as fashion, food, magazine — seem to have a wildly plethoric spread of brands.  So many brands, so little distinction or personality.  In this post, I want to push further why it’s important that any marketing branding … Continue reading

Brand Authenticity And The Value Of Celebrity Endorsement

What’s your opinion of the celebrity endorsement as a marketing investment? To what extent can an external spokesperson be an authentic representative of a brand?  If your brand has (or more likely wants to “achieve”) authenticity, is it a good … Continue reading