Branding Gets Personal – Why We All Need To Get More Personal

In 2010, I wrote for the first time about what it means when Branding Gets Personal. Some companies and cultures prefer to keep what is personal at home and to keep everything at all professional and all business. Evermore, however, I … Continue reading

Digital IQ – Upping executive digital ebility (or digital ability) as opposed to intelligence

I have been using the term Digital IQ for quite some time as a way to describe a person’s digital aptness.  It has a singular flaw as a term: people might mistakenly believe that it’s just about digital intelligence. As … Continue reading

What’s the link between creating a learning organization and building a great brand?

If marketing has had to adapt to a new digitally enhanced environment and adopt new tools and terminologies, I think some of the same ingredients to building a great brand can cross over with the creation of a legitimate and … Continue reading

Brands Getting Personal

“Branding gets personal” is the tagline behind The Myndset.  A few people have asked why do I use this tagline? I would like to use this post to discuss, at least partially, why it is so important for me. Being … Continue reading Continue reading