How to look again at role models and best practice sharing

Do you get it? In these changing times and an evident sense of disorientation, we are quick to latch on to success stories.  There is a certain urgency to get “it” as if there were a magic wand, single solution. … Continue reading

Facebook earnings report: Earning our respect, still? What of a premium account?

As Facebook prepares for its first quarterly earnings (2Q) report (Yahoo News), Zuckerberg and Co. are going to be confronted with managing the third audience — shareholders — to whom all public companies need to communicate in a quarterly ritual. … Continue reading

MEDEF 2008 Conference “Think Big”: Is the USA Still a Giant?

Is the US still a Giant the right question? The plenary session of Wednesday evening August 27th at the MEDEF‘s Université d’Ete was entitled: Is the USA still a Giant? And the star-filled panel gave a very vivid and resounding … Continue reading