Content Distribution – via virality, shareability or media buy?

After getting on the social media bandwagon, brands are rushing to content marketing like gold diggers to the open pit. But, just like for gold diggers, the real issue may be the distribution, not the gold in the pit. More … Continue reading

What’s new? What News and Marketing too often have in common!

In the “old” world, we were in a push environment.  The only thing that counted was the product.  The battle was for share of shelf space in a confrontation between distributor and brand.  And, in on the television, we had … Continue reading Continue reading

The MSM Media Challenge — Some more ideas of improvement

Here are some more ideas for the mainstream media (MSM) to kick into high gear with their online community. With media titles dying or falling fallow on a daily basis, the MSM crisis seems just now to be hitting full … Continue reading