Massimo Fubini, CEO of ContactLab, using data to drive direct marketing (MDE178)

Minter Dialogue Episode #178 This interview is with Massimo Fubini, CEO and founder of ContactLab, an Italian provider of digital marketing services with offices in five cities across Europe. Having evolved from email marketing services, ContactLab is now at the … Continue reading

How HR At Jaguar Land Rover Helps Drive Innovation With Matt Anderson (MDE173)

Minter Dialogue Episode #173 This interview is with Matt Anderson, HR strategy manager at Jaguar Land Rover. After speaking at the HR Tech World 2015 conference, I caught up with Matt to discuss how Jaguar Land Rover approaches innovation from … Continue reading

How to Make Great Email Campaigns for a Luxury Brand?

If the email is the stalwart workhorse of digital marketing, it can be a tricky channel for a luxury brand. How to make great email campaigns that are effective, valuable and desirable in a luxurious manner? I am on the email … Continue reading

Luxury Brands – The Online Challenge To Be Upscale

A friend who was writing a dissertation asked me to respond to a few questions on digital marketing for luxury brands. Herewith are the questions and answers I gave. The answer to the question should not be unilateral. First, it depends … Continue reading

Luxury digital marketing – Interview with Steve Grout, CEO of Tangent Snowball

Minter Dialogue Episode #120 This interview is with Steve Grout, CEO of Tangent Snowball, a digital agency based in the UK with some 115 employees, and specialized in connecting data, technology and creativity with strategy. In this interview, Steve and … Continue reading

Luxury brands and luxury digital marketing – Where are the golden opportunities?

Where is the sweet spot for luxury brands in digital marketing? I know that not a few luxury brands have been asking themselves this and other related questions about luxury brands digital marketing: How important is the brand’s “institutional” website? … Continue reading

Luxury online: a subtle balance between aesthetics, innovation and practicality

The web is wonderful if you are happy to be transparent, collaborative, everywhere, fast, free and fluid.  Moreover, it’s better to have low resolution videos and images for faster load times.  Taken individually and, worse, as a group, these are … Continue reading