Creating the best mobile experience in retail – convenience, payment and loyalty with PepperHQ’s CEO Charles Hall (MDE233)

Minter Dialogue with Charles Hall   Charles Hall is the CEO and co-founder (along with Simon Kelton and Stuart Hall) of PepperHQ, a white label mobile platform for retailers to provide greater convenience, increase revenues and create more powerful loyalty programmes. … Continue reading

Farce or Fiction – Part 3 of the British Airways Downgrade Saga

In the third (and presumably final) chapter of the British Airways Downgrade Saga (see part one and part two), I was contacted “out of the blue” by British Airways, last week. Since I was not able to take the call, the … Continue reading

The risks of the Hunter-Gatherer mindset

Is it better to be a Hunter-Gatherer (acquisition mentality) or a Farmer-Nester (cultivating loyalty)? Of course, it is not about one or the other. Companies need to find a mix between acquisition and loyalty. No business can survive without first … Continue reading

The Dangers Of Paying Lip Service To Customer Centricity

Is your company talking more and more about customer centricity? It’s quite the important topic. For executives sitting through last month’s performance review meeting, however, I wonder how often the subject of lost business is properly addressed. Most probably, the notion of … Continue reading

Wifi in store – To do and what not to do

For retail outlets looking to take the digital bulls by the horns, one of the actions I tend to recommend ‘wholesale’ is to offer free wifi in store. For certain types of outlets, wifi should be considered mandatory. At times, … Continue reading

CRM – Stands for Can’t Remember Me?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is, broadly speaking, a term for systems designed to keep customers loyal.  Of course, CRM can also be used to create new customers.  But, the real gig in a successful CRM program is making sure that … Continue reading

What’s the single biggest Customer Service no-no?

These days, any self-respecting brand has to consider customer service as an integral part of the consumer experience.  This is even more true if the brand is in the high value or luxury sector.  Customer service is one of the … Continue reading