Review of A Pop-Up Experience – Ebay’s “Do Good, Feel Good” Shop

If the high street is flagging and Cyber Monday sales continue to grow, the issue seems patently clear that consumers would rather the convenience and comfort of a couch than the hassle and ouch of visiting a brick and mortar store. … Continue reading

Bad Design — What Happens When You Don’t Walk In Your Customers’ Shoes?

I attended an event at one of the premier “serviced office” spaces (called Spaces, run by the US company Regus). If the event was otherwise a success and the general environment in the office space was quite pleasing, I was … Continue reading

Uber beautiful – is Uber creating value? I tend to believe so

Last night, my Uber driver, Mohammed (from Somalia), was an absolute delight. As much as one can argue about some of the less salacious tactics of Uber, the underlying principle of Uber creates an environment for truly different experiences. I … Continue reading

Interview with Giles Corbett (@gicorb), Libon from Orange Vallee (MDE61)

Minter Dialogue #61 This interview is with Giles Corbett, a fellow INSEAD alumnus, who runs Libon, as part of the Orange Group. Libon is an innovative OTT service that provides a radically different experience to ordinary voice mail.  For example, … Continue reading

Why Social Media Goes Wrong

Geo-Loco : More loco than Local I have gradually begun to ween myself off of Foursquare. Gone are the competitive days where I feverishly checked in to see how many points I had won. One of my prouder check-ins was … Continue reading

Example of a huge gaffe at the Oxo Tower Bar restaurant

A couple of weeks ago, I had a dinner set up at the glamourous Oxo Tower Bar, by Harvey Nichols, in London. Prior to going, I was sent a link by my friend to the restaurant ( The site is … Continue reading

Connected Taxi – What Does A Plugged In Taxi Driver Look Like?

I just love London taxis!  Talk about a ‘brand’ with deep trust.  Their look, cabin size, (“the”) knowledge of the drivers, and their general level of courtesy all make for a great symbol of London. As goes the taxi experience, … Continue reading