Gregory Pouy, talking digital transformation in big business (MDE106)

Minter Dialogue Episode #106 This interview is with Gregory Pouy, one of the better known digital marketing experts in France, and recently cited as the top 70 rising social media stars worldwide by the phenomenal Mark Schaeffer. Greg has been working with … Continue reading

MDE44: @AmySchlein, CubeYou For Deeper Facebook Marketing

Minter Dialogue #44 This interview is with Amy Schlein, whom I met at Le Web 2012 in Paris.  Amy is Marketing Director at CubeYou, an innovative platform that allows marketers to mine and analyze data inside Facebook, well beyond the … Continue reading

MDE42: Marc Rougier @Marcfuseki – CEO And Founder Of Scoop.It, Curation And Content Marketing Platform

Minter Dialogue #42 This interview, recorded at Le Web 2012, is with Marc Rougier, a past participant on my French podcast (hear the French interview of Marc from April 2011). Marc is founder and CEO of, one of the … Continue reading

#LeWeb 2009 Paris Conference: Part III of III

This post was originally published on Dec 14 2009 on a new defunct blog.  It is the third in a series of the key learnings from LeWeb 2009 conference (Dec 9-10). As I have written before, I attended the LeWeb … Continue reading

LeWeb Paris : Business Consequences for 2010-2011

Digesting all the information at #LeWeb conference 2009, I wrote up what I found were the nine most interesting points in three separate posts (one, two, three).*  Here are the consequences of these highlight points, as I see them, for business: Le … Continue reading

#LeWeb 2009 Paris Conference Part II of III

Attended the LeWeb Conference 2009, organised by Loic Lemeur and his wife, Géraldine, on December 9-10, 2009.  I collected my top nine thoughts which I am delivering in three separate postings.  This is the second of three (here is the … Continue reading

#LeWeb 2009 Conference in Paris – Part I of III

Attended the LeWeb Conference 2009, (the 6th such event), organised by Loic Lemeur and his wife, Géraldine, on December 9-10, 2009. Le Web Paris 2009 In a series of 3 posts, I am going to comment on the top nine … Continue reading