Founding A Bona Fide Culture of Continuous Learning with Magoo Giles (MDE259)

Magoo Giles is the founder, director and chief storyteller (my words) at The Knightsbridge School, in the heart of London. In this conversation with the entertaining Magoo, we discuss role models, how he came to found the school, how one … Continue reading

Customer Service – how to overcome the challenges of embedding the customer journey into business

If I asked you to think of companies that are proud of their “innovation” reputation, who comes to mind? Probably quite a few companies. Chances are that they boast about their renowned product prowess as well as the excellent career paths they offer … Continue reading

3 life lessons and implications for business (MDE123)

Minter Dialogue Episode #123 — This podcast is a little different as my intended guest had an urgency. So, in this podcast, I talk about my three biggest life lessons and the implications I see for business. We’ll be talking … Continue reading

Social media tips for Small Businesses (SMB/SME)

Finding the time to understand and invest in social media to help drive the business is one of the biggest laments I hear from top executives; even more so for small businesses (SMB). For these smaller companies without an agency of … Continue reading

BYOD – 3 reasons why management needs to get with the program

In the ongoing evolution at the workplace, nothing makes the challenge of digital transformation more urgent and tangible than the question of access to the internet and the use of personal devices, characterized by the term BYOD (bring your own … Continue reading

How to get social media right? The Social Media Mindset and The Big “L” Strategy

Is social media actually good for my business? The answer to that question is not always yes. It depends largely on your social media mindset. As much as I might be an aficionado and evangelist for social media, the reality … Continue reading

Top trends for marketing in 2014

The beginning of the year is time to take stock of new initiatives and directions. I started with a post on the 3 key words for 2014.  While there is nothing flagrantly new in the items I am promoting as … Continue reading

Stakeholder or Shareholder value? What every CEO needs to do

In search of the CEO Myndset In a world of economic crises, burgeoning competition, regulatory oversight and the revolution that is the Internet, I think it would be fair to say that the role of the CEO is under siege.   … Continue reading