How to get social media right? The Social Media Mindset and The Big “L” Strategy

Is social media actually good for my business? The answer to that question is not always yes. It depends largely on your social media mindset. As much as I might be an aficionado and evangelist for social media, the reality … Continue reading

The CEO profile of a true Learning Organization

During my 20th year reunion at INSEAD, I attended a lecture by Professor Peter Zemsky, now interim Dean of INSEAD.  It was a fascinating 1h15 “lecture” on the future of learning and the strategic future of the school.  And, I … Continue reading

Continuous learning – a strategic necessity: Bring back the kid in us all!

If Human Resources — and internal corporate universities — are still busily creating trainings and seminars to help managers to come to grip with the inevitable digital transformation, as Brian Solis likes to say, the real issue is to find … Continue reading

What is the right leadership mindset for winning organizations today? The checklist!

In this era of fundamental transformation, it has never been more difficult to find the right leadership mindset.  As I travel around the world and work in different organizations, I see women and men trying to get to grips with … Continue reading

What’s the link between creating a learning organization and building a great brand?

If marketing has had to adapt to a new digitally enhanced environment and adopt new tools and terminologies, I think some of the same ingredients to building a great brand can cross over with the creation of a legitimate and … Continue reading

Lessons from the Museum – How to avoid museum-style management?

Do you like museums? It’s funny, but we all know that, at least a part of us, MUST like visiting museums. It’s a necessary part of understanding who and why we are the way we are. Too often, though, it … Continue reading

What Do Beta Mode And Code Naming Have In Common?

The other day, I heard how a project with a code name was actually launched with the very same code name. It kind of makes a mockery of the secrecy that “code” names are supposed to provide, no? Also, under … Continue reading

The Future of Learning – How should your company adapt and encourage constant learning?

Learning Organizations: New ways of managing As companies grapple with the effects and opportunities of the Internet, social media and the smartphone, internal organizations are having to adapt and transform to accommodate new ways of communicating, new marketing methods and … Continue reading

The Brand University – How to make a sustainable, successful brand

Transforming your brand into a winning, learning organization This white paper, “The Brand University,” co-written with my ex-colleague and long-time friend, Eric Mellet, was published here by BrandChannel (October 2010).  Alternatively, since it is rather long to read on screen, … Continue reading Continue reading

Plain Training versus Learning & Growing – 7 key guidelines

How often have you attended a training seminar and left thinking “that was great… but was it really worth it?”  In my experience, here is, broadly, what happens in a typical 2-day off-site seminar: Much harried and run down from … Continue reading Continue reading