Three things you don’t know about Iceland

Having just spent a few days Iceland, I have reaffirmed the fantastic advantage of travelling to a country to open your mind. With no more than 24 hours on Iceland’s sunny (if cold) shores, I discovered three things I didn’t … Continue reading

Words are so revealing: Time says it all!

WIth my long-time love of words, especially when it comes to translation, I thought about how the French translate the word “timing.” The word the French use is “delai” or “delay.” How ironic!  Certain words can have such a way … Continue reading

English Words Being Removed from the Collins Dictionary

The Wisdom of Winnowing Words? I have often read, with keen interest, about the addition of new words to a language, typically to French and English where I can gauge the novelty, meaning and importance of the word(s) in question. … Continue reading

English Lessons for the French courtesy of French Government

Xavier Darcos, France’s Education Minister announced the giving of free [correction] English lessons over the summer months (starting next year) to willing students. What a shift in direction for the French who tend to promote francophonie. See here for the … Continue reading

Merging fields of ad, web and creative agencies

As the marketing world and consumer behaviour evolve, one of the more interesting battle grounds involves the creative process and production. When a marketer plans to make a communication campaign or a shift in brand image, he/she now has a … Continue reading

The Untranslatables – Part 3 of the Things we say…

Having always enjoyed learning languages, I revel in the difference between one language and another. Amongst my musings, I conjure up reasons to explain a language’s structure or vocabulary. Herewith are some of my favorite, if frivolous, observations about a … Continue reading

Favorite things kids say – Meme in the making?

This entry will be the first installment of a 3-part string (not a [string] theory, yet) of assorted things people say. The three parts will be: Kids sayings, Adults sayings and Untranslatables. It’s not exactly a meme if you follow … Continue reading