Andrew Grill – Getting the social mindset to drive your business (MDE154)

Minter Dialogue Episode #154 — This interview is with Andrew Grill, IBM Global Managing Partner for Social Consulting. A repeat guest (my first podcast with Andrew here) on the show and keynote speaker of worldwide renown, Andrew and I discuss digital … Continue reading

Sphere of influence – In which topic are you influential?

Online influence measurement systems and schemes remain a hotly debated area. Intellectually, we understand that real influence is, of course, is a blend of off and online. Influence is also highly contextual.  Influence is subdivisible into spheres of influence.  {Click … Continue reading

How to identify influencers on social media?

If you want to get your message out, there is nothing like good word of mouth.  But, when the recommendation is out of the mouth of an influencer, that’s word of mouth on steroids.  {Click to Tweet!}  So how, as … Continue reading

Who’s Your Favorite? Managing Your Online Favoritism

Rockin’ Robin - Tweet, tweedle-lee-dee When you read a Tweet — depending on the time you have allocated yourself — there is a whole slew of actions you can possibly do (of course, it varies depending if you are already following … Continue reading

Why To Use Influence Measurement Systems Such As Klout, Kred Or Peerindex?

To use or not to use? You know it’s a sad day when 18-year old Justin Bieber (91/100) is said to have more influence than Mick Jagger (whose stones are gathering no moss, as they have just announced two more … Continue reading

Interview with Andrew Grill, CEO of Kred, measuring your influence with transparency

Minter Dialogue #35 This interview is with Andrew Grill, CEO of KRED, for real-time transparent community-based influence measurement. Measuring online influence is a hot field and one that typically galvanizes conversation.  I met Andrew at the LikeMinds conferences for Social … Continue reading