How To Build And Scale Your Business with Daniel Priestley (MDE228)

Minter Dialogue with Daniel PriestleyDan Priestley is Director and co-founder of DENT GLOBAL, delivering next-level business strategy and technology to entrepreneurial organisations. Dan’s a highly successful entrepreneur, having built and sold businesses in Australia, Singapore and the UK. He’s also … Continue reading

Interview with Carolyn Pearson, CEO of Maiden Voyage, social network for ladies on the road (MDE105)

Minter Dialogue Episode #105 This interview is with Carolyn Pearson, an entrepreneur based in Leeds, UK, who started up a social network for women travellers, called Maiden Voyage. With 7,000 members, this is an interesting niche business, providing a valuable … Continue reading

Community Management: Constructing your Social Media strategy by interest

Getting social must be a company-wide project As companies scramble to identify or hire community managers, I often wonder about the criteria that are being drawn up.  There is still much confusion on the role of the community manager.  More emphatically, … Continue reading